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Episode 7

Top 10 VA Disability Claims with Jose Nicola

Published on: 16th August, 2022

Do you know what the most common VA Disability claims are?

Welcome to SEASON 2 of the Get 2 Vet Military Transition Podcast! For this season, we're recording an 8-part series with Jose Nicola. Working as a Recovery Care Coordinator for Navy Wounded Warrior, he spends a lot of his working with transitioning service members and wanted to share some of the insights he's gained through his experiences.

In this episode, Mike and Trevor sit down with Jose to discuss the top 10 most claimed disabilities made by service members to the VA during their military transition.

Connect with Jose on LinkedIn, and make sure you check out the Navy Wounded Warrior website to learn more about the work they do with service members.

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Enjoy the show and let us help you Get 2 Vet!

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About the Podcast

Get 2 Vet
Military Transition Podcast
Has the military transition process left you feeling utterly hopeless?

Are you frustrated with trying to fill in the gaps in the information that was provided to you by the official military transition seminars?

Then it's time for you to Get 2 Vet!

We are a military transition podcast who's goal is to showcase transitioning service members and help them build their personal brands, while enhancing the current DOD-provided transition education.

Veterans love to help other veterans, and because one of us is never as smart as all of us, we are taking advantage of one of the most popular platforms IN HISTORY to share the collective knowledge and resources of the veteran community about the next chapter in a service member's life.

We want to help you by bridging the knowledge gaps in the military transition process, so you can focus on what's ahead.

About your hosts

Trevor Maxwell

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Trevor is a retired Navy EOD Senior Chief with over 20 years in uniform.  Having spent most of his career working in Special Operations, he is keenly aware of the tremendous talent that is shaped in our nation’s most elite units and loves to help transitioning service members plan out the next chapter of their lives.

He began his post-military career working in Financial Services at a local firm in Norfolk, VA before moving over to his current position as an Advisor and Educator at US VetWealth.  He volunteers with several non-profit organizations providing financial literacy education to service members, veterans, and their families to empower them with the tools they need to gain true independence.  In addition to his work in the Financial Services Industry, he also runs his own real estate investment company, a curriculum development company, and co-founded the Get 2 Vet podcast. 

Trevor’s personal mission is to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with other transitioning veterans to ensure that they aren’t left without a sense of community after they’ve departed military service.  He belongs to several networking groups in the Tidewater area and is always looking for ways to create opportunities for other veterans and service members.

Mike Riggs

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Command Master Chief Mike Riggs is preparing for his military transition after nearly 30 years in uniform, spending most of his career in leadership positions within the U.S. Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal and joint special operations communities.

Mike was selected to serve as a Defense Legislative Fellow for the 116th United States Congress in Senator Marco Rubio's office in Washington, DC. This year immersed Mike into global, national, and state political issues, developing refined leadership and governance perspectives. With a Master's in Strategic Leadership and three tours as a Command Master Chief, Mike's passion for not just studying but DOING leadership was a driving force behind his decision to pursue a DOD SkillBridge opportunity with Victory Strategies, a leadership assessment and development company. Mike is a current fellow through The Honor Foundation, a military transition-centric non-profit organization, going above and beyond in transition education.

With just over nine months remaining in his thirty-year military career, Mike is dedicated to documenting the military transition process through the co-creation and hosting of the Get 2 Vet Military Transition Podcast.